Our group officially became active in Knoxville on July 18, 1998 to serve the needs of FTMs in East Tennessee and surrounding areas. We also provide education and support to SOFFAs (Significant Others, Friends, Family, and Allies). FTM is defined as a male person trapped in a natal-female body. Being FTM has nothing to do with medical or psychological intervention. The medical aspects, known as transitioning, are strictly treatments to modify the natal body to more accurately reflect the man inside. If one is male they are male, hormones and surgery do not create the man.

From our founder, BEAR A-M Rodgers, "We have an on-going Knox area support/social group! It has been a hard process for me to find people, professionals, and resources since I moved to Knoxville.  I feel we should all work together, pooling resources, building resources, and building friendships.  It's emotionally painful to feel alone in your transition, I know, been there."

Our Local Resources page of professionals that have been professionally supportive of local FTMs has been moved to a "members only status". We still hope members and others will continue to let us know about supportive and welcoming health professionals.

For professionals and locations NOT supportive, in our experience, see Page 3.

Younger Tmen (youth, young adults) are welcome, and encouraged to participate. Learn from those who have gone before, and teach us how this generation has adapted. A new web space, Younger Tmen will focus on your needs and vision.

FTM-only meetings have a regular schedule of every month, in Knoxville TN. For information email Knox Boyz or call (865) 226-9411. Other outings (camping, clubs, sports, food, etc.) happen randomly as there is interest.

Please apply for membership to our yahoogroup if you are a FTM live in the region, or plan to soon, seeking support and camaraderie (attending monthly meetings is not required though encouraged):
You can also find us on Facebook

SOFFA support meetings began January 2009, and are held every month. This meeting is open to partners, spouses, and family of both FTMs and MTFs. Please email SOFFA Support for details or join
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Check out other websites related to FTM transition and support, and contribute your own.

Knox Boyz of East TN PO Box 27746, Knoxville, TN 37927-7746  (865) 226-9411


BEAR, founder/facilitator personal email

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